Consultants on Gender and Development
Nassaulaan 5
The Netherlands
+31 (0)70 365 57 44


Femconsult consists of a multidisciplinary group of experts, applying a gender perspective when offering technical assistance and support to emergency and development related interventions.

Femconsult offers a wide range of technical advisory services to multi-lateral, bi-lateral and governmental and non-governmental organizations. Whilst active in many sectors, Femconsult always incorporates a focus on gender related constraints and opportunities. Its staff and consultants identify, recommend and support appropriate action to address these constraints and build forward on the opportunities.

Femconsult recognizes that, though men and women are entitled to equal rights and opportunities, they also may have different needs, resources and priorities; they face different constraints, have different aspirations and contribute to development in different ways.

Femconsult believes that attention to gender relations is necessary and creates the enabling environment to allow both men and women to participate in development activities and benefit on an equitable basis. It has been 30 years since Femconsult is working in a gender equality promoting manner on a worldwide scale, achieving results beyond mere international development related improvements. Our reference page provides an overview of these activities. Femconsult strongly believes, that optimal development can only be achieved if all technical assistance and support takes achieving gender equality into account to the maximum extent possible. If you are interested in contributing to our mission and vision, please register into our database.

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