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Mid-Term Evaluation of the Project SRRMLME- Support to the Reintegration of Returnees and to the Management of Labour Migration in Ethiopia
Period1 October 2017 to 30 November 2017
Team compositionExpert 1 - Team Leader - Evaluation Expert/Labour migration (30 working days)

Expert 2 - Local evaluator/Migration policy (20 working days)
DescriptionGlobal objective The main aim of the mid-term evaluation is to provide lessons and operational recommendations, and identify areas for improvement, to enable the SRRMLME team – MoLSA, ILO, NAO and EU Delegation- to make corrective measures aimed at a better achievement of the project's objectives and priorities, and ultimately at improving labour migration management in Ethiopia. Specific objective(s) The specific objectives of this mid-term evaluation are: (a) Evaluate how the SMLME is currently managed, implemented and monitored, and how it could be improved, including its coordination/complementarity with the ILO component; (b) Assess the performance of the SMLME project, paying particular attention to the results and outcomes of project actions against expected objectives and results; and, (c) Evaluate the relevance of SRRMLME (both ILO and MOLSA components) in the national development/ migration assistance context (complementarity; initiating dialogue; etc.)
Deadline25 June 2017

“Supporting the government of Azerbaijan in implementation of the Annual Action Programme 2015 "Integrated Regional Development of Azerbaijan (IRDA)"
Period11 September 2017 to 1 March 2018
Team composition Expert 1- team leader - Agriculture and Rural Business Development Programming Expert (40wd)

Expert 2 - Agriculture and Rural Development Policy Programming Expert (40wd)

Expert 3 - Agricultural Advisory Services Expert (25wd)

Expert 4 - : Rural Development and Agriculture Expert (40wd)
DescriptionGlobal objective To assist the Government efforts in the diversification of the economy while promoting a balanced and inclusive growth, decrease regional disparities and improve rural livelihoods. Specific objective(s) To support the Government of Azerbaijan in implementation of the Action Document for Integrated Regional Development of Azerbaijan (IRDA) to be financed under the Annual Action Programme 2015 through carrying out the sector analysis, drafting clear and concise key document which form the basis for the initiation of the projects that contribute to business development, investment promotion and employment generation as well as raising quality of life in rural areas.
Deadline28 June 2017

Specific terms of reference consultancy to document lessons learnt and case studies from the OECS 10th EDF Programme
Period1 August 2017 to October 2017
Team compositionExpert 1 - Management Expert (30 working days)

Expert 2 - Programme Evaluation Expert (30 working days)
DescriptionGlobal objective The overall objective is to continue to promote the OECS Economic Union and the Revised Treaty of Basseterre at all levels, engaging a broad and varied number of OECS nationals. Specific objective(s) The specific objective is to promote and build awareness of the OECS agenda towards Regional Integrations through generation and documentation of Lessons Learnt and Case Studies.
Deadline25 June 2017

Evaluation finale du programme Accès Rural à l'Eau et à l'assainissement AREA
Period24 July 2017 to November 2017
Team compositionExpert 1 - Team Leader - developpement rural/eau/assainissement (26 working days)

Expert 2 - Hydraulicien (20 working days)

Autres experts - Evaluation Experts - eau et assainissement (36 jours ensemble)
DescriptionUne évaluation systématique et opportune de ses programmes et de ses activités est une priorité établie4 de la Commission Européenne5. L’évaluation se concentre sur l’analyse des réalisations, l’atteinte et la qualité des résultats6 de l’action, dans le contexte d’une politique de coopération en constante évolution, avec un accent de plus en plus marqué sur les approches orientées sur les résultats7. De ce point de vue, les évaluateurs devraient trouver les preuves expliquant les raisons, les cas de figure et la manière dont ces résultats sont liés à l’intervention de l’UE et essayer d’identifier les facteurs générant ou entravant le progrès.
Deadline29 June 2017

Technical assistance for Budget Support Programme: Better Qualifications for Better Jobs
PeriodJuly 2017 to December 2017
Team compositionExpert 1 - Team Leader - Financial Expert (30)

Expert 2 - VET Expert (100 working days)

Expert 3 - Labour Market/Employment Expert (100 working days)

Expert 4 - Civil Engineer (35)

Expert 5 - VET Technical Equipment (35 working days)
DescriptionThe overall objective is to provide support for the implementation for the "Better Qualifications for Better Jobs" Budget support programme. The technical assistance will support the Government of Armenia (GoA) and, in particular, RA Ministry of Education and Science and RA Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, in fulfillment of relevant conditions of reform process. Such recommendations must take into account modernisation and innovation activities carried out in the system so far, as well as the institutional capacity and capability of the GoA to implement reforms Specific objectives Strengthen instititional capacities of the following agencies: Ministry of Labour and Social Issues to properly implement and Monitor the national employment strategy and provide better services to jobseekers and Ministry of Education and Science and to improve the quality of agricultural VET.
Deadline26 June 2017

Pool of Gender Experts
PeriodMay 2017 to January 2018
Team compositionGender Experts
DescriptionFemconsult is looking to expand its pool of gender experts: We are seeking consultants - both men and women - with a varied mix of operational and technical skills and with experience in promoting gender equality, gender equity, gender mainstreaming and/ or women’s empowerment in the context of development projects/ programmes in a variety of sectors. If you are interested in possible assignments please register into our online Experts Database.

Gender Budgeting
PeriodMay 2017 to 19 January 2018
Team compositionGender budgeting (n/a)
Descriptionsee below