Consultants on Gender and Development
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The Netherlands
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About Femconsult

Femconsult, founded in 1985 in The Netherlands, acts as an independent not-for-profit consultancy firm, in accordance with international rules for the procurement of technical assistance and services.

Femconsult offers a broad range of technical assistance services for sustainable, inclusive and gender equitable development world-wide. Our staff and experts are involved in identification, preparation, appraisal, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development interventions, projects and programmes. In addition our experts design, set-up and execute baseline, monitoring and impact surveys as well as social, poverty and gender assessment studies.

Our experts use participatory approaches, incorporating the views and needs of all stakeholders, whilst ensuring that both women and men are part of all consultations.


Femconsult is unique in its special focus on gender. Our approach to gender equality takes into account that women, men and children, though entitled to equal rights and opportunities, have different needs, resources and constraints. We attach great importance to a clear understanding of women’s and men’s potentials in development, which are shaped by underlying factors such as the gender division of labour (paid and unpaid), access to and control over resources, and access to social and technical services, education, health, family planning, child care and financial infrastructure.

Femconsult offers flexible solutions. Its prompt delivery and quality control are appreciated by donors and partners worldwide. To achieve flexibility, Femconsult draws from a large group of highly qualified, committed and skilled national and international experts. Through this group, Femconsult has access to experience and expertise in all aspects of sustainable development, delivered by experts who are familiar with gender equity, equality and related issues.

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